As a costume designer and stylist I frequently travel for work. Over time I’ve begun to see “my” seat as the seat of countless others — where others have sat, sweat, slept, eaten, etc. When I tried to find out how often seats were cleaned, the answer wasn’t daily or weekly and in most cases wasn’t even yearly. From then on I saw the seats as public mattresses and thought “who would want to sleep on a hotel mattress with out sheets?!” The answer: no one. The only practical thing to do was to come up with a well-designed, easy-to-use solution I could travel with to make my space mine.

NiceSeats were originally intended for airplanes, as that was where I first saw the need, but the more I used them the more I wanted to have something between myself and the thousands who preceded me in other kinds of  public seats as well. I’ve discovered that NiceSeats work on train seats, on the way to the airport, on buses between cities, and even in movie theaters. In fact, new places to use NiceSeats are still being discovered.

Even though my goal was simply to make public seats nicer, I’ve since discovered that are others with more specific needs which NiceSeats may address. For example, children and adults who suffer from severe allergies report that NiceSeats provides comfort in that they reduce their contact with potential irritants and allergens on public seats. Additionally, NiceSeats may provide a comfort zone for those with anxiety disorders or people who find being in public spaces challenging for various reasons. Serving these people in particular is especially rewarding and more of an honor then I could have ever imagined.

Hearing your stories and finding out how and where you'll use NiceSeats is my favorite part of the process so drop me a line! After all, we are all in this together. 


All the best, 
Angela Aaron - Founder / CEO of NiceSeats