+ What kind of seats do NiceSeats work on?
NiceSeats were designed to fit a wide variety of public seats including upper & economy class airplane seats, flat bed airplane seats, train, bus, movie theatre seats and more. They are designed not to cover the foot rest on modern business/ first class lie flat seats. The only seats we’ve found that NiceSeats don’t fit on are some first class seats on airplanes built before 1980.


+ How does NiceSeats work on so many differently shaped and designed seats?
We designed NiceSeats much like a fitted sheet - with a stretchy, elastic edge that pulls around most seats.

+ Is Nice Seats disruptive to other passengers?
NiceSeats only covers the seat and seat back of your chair - not the arms that are often shared with your neighbor. It takes 30 seconds or less to put your NiceSeat on. There is no lengthy process and therefore no hold up to other patrons.

+ What about video screens on the back of airplane and bus seats?
NiceSeats does not cover the video screens on the back of airplane or shuttle seats. It stays above the screen and in some cases can be tucked discretely behind the screen.

+ How do I care for my NiceSeats product?
Your NiceSeat can be washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low or hung dry.